Fostering a dog or cat in need of shelter, love, and guidance is a time-consuming effort, but it’s also one of the most rewarding ways to help homeless pets. Providing a “stepping stone” for animals in search of permanent homes saves lives, alleviates the strain on animal shelters, helps set the stage for successful adoptions, and teaches you the skills that will enable you to help other animals in need. Dogs and cats who are fostered in positive, nurturing environments by people with basic training and behavior knowledge are more likely to be adopted; less likely to be returned to the shelter; less likely to suffer from behavior and training problems; and less stressed and more able to adapt to life in their new homes. 

Taking in an animal and giving it the love, warmth and nourishment that it needs until an adoptive home is found is very rewarding. Fostering will be one of the most pleasant and uplifting things that you will ever do! 

We are always looking for folks to temporarily foster dogs (for 1-3 weeks) because we have a waiting list of dogs to come into the center. Every dog will be up-to-date on vaccines, temperament-tested, and healthy. If you're interested in opening up your home temporarily, please call us at 570-376-3646 or email us at The more fosters we have, the more animals we can assist!